Pet Dumping Fills Lodi Animal Shelter

Pet Dumping Fills Lodi Animal Shelter

An animal shelter in Lodi is over capacity because people have been abandoning cats and dogs by its front door and near a dumpster, officials said

The Animal Friends Connection Humane Society said it can’t keep up with the high rate that people have been leaving their pets near the shelter — in boxes or shopping carts near the trash or just tied to railings.

“I don’t want to put people down for leaving them, but on the other hand, no one thinks about what it’s doing to the animals that we have,” Animal Friends Connection Director Patricia Sherman said. “It’s impacting us so much that they’re stressed out from having too many here because we’re so small.”

Shelter officials said they don’t have any more room for abandoned pets and don’t have enough funding to meet the animals’ medical needs. Sherman said many of the pets discarded at their shelter need more extensive care than just spay and neuter.

“We don’t have the money to finance this, to really care for all these animals,” Sherman said.

Officials said there are other options for people who can’t care for their pets anymore. Pet owners can work with the animal shelter until their dog or cat is adopted into a “fur-ever” home. There are also other government and city-run shelters that could have room and are also no-kill shelters, like Animal Friends Connection.

Sherman also said that if people are giving up their pets due to the cost of veterinary care, many vets offer financial assistance and care insurance.

The animal shelter is holding a fundraiser on June 4 at the Heritage Oak Winery in Acampo to help save the lives of homeless dogs and cats in San Joaquin County.