Don’t Overlook These 4 Practical Tips when Hiking With Your Dog

Don’t Overlook These 4 Practical Tips when Hiking With Your Dog

Taking your dog on a hiking trip is quite a thrilling experience. Honestly, if you have never done it, it is something that you absolutely must try! We decided to put together a quick guide, packed to the brim with hints and tips, which should make those hiking trips a bit more exciting for both you and your dog!

1. Don’t jump right into the big hikes

Dogs love walking. They really do. However, if you are jumping right into those big hikes, then we can imagine that your dog is going to be none too happy with you. Work your way up to the bigger hikes. Have a half day out walking or something, then build up to a day hike. Do a couple of those, and then you may be able to go onto the bigger jaunts.

If your dog is very old or very young, or maybe a bit out of shape, then they are probably not going to do well on some of those bigger hikes, sadly. You probably never will be able to take an older dog on a longer hike. Some people get around this when they are cycling. They bring a trailer which their dog can sit in, but this is going to require you needing some extra equipment.

2. Pick Up After Your Dog

This isn’t really a tip to help you and your dog have more fun, it is more to ensure that everybody else on that hiking trail is going to have a bit of fun too. If you are not picking up after your dog, then people are going to be stepping into your dog’s mess. Children may pick it up too. None of this is going to be too pleasing to those people. Trust us on this one!

3. Bring Enough Water and Food

Remember; your dog is going to become dehydrated and hungry just as much as you are going to become dehydrated and hungry while you are on that trail.

Therefore, it is just so important that you bring along some food and drink for your dog too. If you do not have enough water for your dog, chances are that they will start to drink from some of the puddles on the trail. These puddles are going to be packed to the brim with bacteria. Basically, when you get home from that walk with your animal, your dog is going to be incredibly sick.

4. Buy a dog backpack!

Yes. You can use your dog as somewhat of a pack mule. Just load them up with some gear. Not too much. Just their food and water, and that is a few less things that you are going to need to carry around with you!

If you can, you should also try and get a pet first aid kit into that bag. You probably will never need to use it, but you will be glad that it is there when the time comes. Trust us on that one!